About Ravissant

The inception of Ravissant was the realization of a novel dream that stemmed from the minds of the founders, the husband and wife team of Ravi and Mina Chawla. Although set up as a tribute to the world of haute couture, the founders were certain that they would go well beyond simply showcasing fashionable clothes. It would become a world in itself, where rare beauty could make a sober yet strong statement, and where the truly discerning could step in to admire, critique and acquire. Probably India's very first designer label, Ravissant introduced a new dimension to the world of dressing and luxury living. It blended the unorthodox and ultramodern with the traditional, to create a unique look which today stands out as individualistic and remarkably identifiable.

Ravissant Fashion

Our collection is based on the diverse world of textiles. We procure and put into use the finest silks and cottons from all across the country and overseas to create chic fashion for women. Our range of garments includes dresses, kaftans, skirts, and blouses. Our collection of sarees includes those handcrafted, and woven specially for us on our own handlooms across India. Some of Europe's most celebrated designers collaborate in our collections as well, creating a beautiful medley of the East and West to suit all tastes.  

Ravissant Silver

Ravissant entered the exclusive world of sterling silverware as a pioneer, back in 1991. Every creation is unique and exquisite, painstakingly hand crafted under the critical eye of silversmiths from Holland and Germany and Switzerland. Some of the world's best known silversmiths like Paul Binder from Switzerland, Jan Van Nouhuys from Schonhoven University have been associated with us. Silver craft stalwarts like Paul de Vries and Arjan Lucs from Holland had come to India to help set up our silver workshop. They extensively trained our silversmiths, and two years later our workshop produced its first collection of sterling silverware. Ravissant has over 200 master silversmiths, making us one of the largest silver goods producing workshop in the world.

Ravissant's silver collection includes brilliantly engraved and enamelled pieces inlaid with an assortment of precious and semi precious stones. Each piece is exclusive, carrying with it a guarantee of authenticity and trust, and are available only as limited edition sets.

A true inspiration for craftsmen the world over, Ravissant has always recognized art in every form. Some of the world's most famous silversmiths and designers from USA, Europe and Japan have come to Ravissant to collaborate on various international collections.

Ravissant Jewellery

The jewellery collection at Ravissant is designed not only to highlight the significance of diamonds and coloured, stones but also to invoke the spirit of splendor by showcasing a distinct style to each owner of our products.

We use diamonds to highlight the central themed stone and to revitalize it in a modern and chic way. Multi-tourmalines, rubies, different coloured topazes, black onyx, corals, pearls, citrines, aquamarines, peridots and bone infuse the jewellery with an assortment of myriad colours. The jewellery is fused with metals, diamonds and antique pieces to create a new style which is futuristic in design, yet retentive of its colour and originality.

Ravissant Home

The home collection series of bedspreads, cushions and cushion covers are pieces of art, with their simplicity and marvelous design in neutral colours, with delicate embroidery and treatments on pure silks and cottons. The collection is modern with sleek, straight patterns in neutral colors like beige, browns, greys and metallic, keeping in mind the latest international trends.

Ravissant has nine stores in India. We've also recently opened a luxury beauty salon and spa, Blliis, which offers hair and body care services in the most luxurious of environments. Our team of talented professionals includes some of the best known and very talented French hairdressers and trichological experts.:

Ravissant has exhibited its products at prestigious art galleries and stores such as :